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Welcome to PE Prep ME, your source for information about the Mechanical PE Exam.

This site is a free online resouce for the Mechanical PE exam. Here you can find everything you need to prepare yourself to pass the Mechanical PE exam on the first try! My name is Greg Hora, and I'm a Mechanical PE. When I started studying for the PE exam, I was frustrated with the lack of information available to help me prepare. This site is the result of all of my research and studies and I hope it will be a great source of information for you in your preparations. Take a look at the Mechanical PE exam tips and tricks, PE requirements by state, Mechanical PE exam review material, and Mechanical PE exam review courses to get started. The menu bars along the top and left side of the site are there to help you navigate easily.

Or if you're completely new check out the new to mechanical pe page.

Finally, once you're ready to start preparing for taking the mechanical PE exam, check out the Mechanical PE exam study guide I have here on the site. You won't find this book anywhere else, it is a book that was written specifically for this exam.

I hope this page will help you in your journey to becoming a PE. If you have any questions or comments about the site, please send me an e-mail from the about me page. Good luck on the exam!


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