Greg HoraMy name is Greg Hora and Iím the webmaster of and the writer of the mechanical PE exam study guide Mechanical PE Exam Strategies. I started this website to give other mechanical engineers a good resource for material, information, tips, and support about the mechanical PE exam.

I am currently living in Southern California but I was born and raised in the Midwest. My career has been varied and exciting up to this point. Iíve been blessed to be able to work in some interesting fields and meet some absolutely fascinating and smart people.

I started out my career working for a leading industrial gas company in the cryogenic food freezingdivision. After that I moved onto a R&D position for a water treatment company. Then I worked in the piping division for a nuclear power plant project. Finally I ended up where Iím at right now as a sales/application engineer for another water treatment company.

During my career I was able to sit for and pass the PE exam. When I was preparing to take the exam I was a bit frustrated that there werenít any better resources out there to help me better prepare for this exam. I surfed the forums, bought some books, worked some practice problems, but the entire time I felt that I was largely out there on my own, forging my own path towards passing this exam. This is the reason I started I want to give people the resources and input that I never had for this exam.

My goal for this website is for it to be a constantly evolving source of information. This means that I donít want to sit here and try to position myself as the ďexpert know-it-allĒ. My goal is to use this website as a dialogue between test takers and myself to share information, experiences, and advice so that all may benefit.

Thanks for stopping by this website, I hope youíll find some great information here and that it helps you pass the mechanical PE exam the FIRST time!

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at greg (at) peprepme (dot) com.