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The Mechanical PE Exam Strategies book is a result of my endless searches for a mechanical pe exam study guide. It contains all the tactics I used to pass the mechanical pe exam and some great information to help you makes things go smoothly. It will help you in every stage of preparation for the PE exam. Application, studying + preparing, taking the pe exam, and post exam/ongoing maintenance of your mechanical pe registration.

What this mechanical pe exam study guide will include:

  • Exactly how to apply for the mechancal PE exam and steps you need to take to ensure acceptance
  • Strategies to thelp you become super organized during the pe exam
  • A way to practically ensure all your character references return your PE application material quickly
  • Personal tips that I used to pass the mechanical pe exam the first time
  • Why solving practice problems alone will not ensure you will pass
  • How to effectively prepare not only your mind but also your body for the PE exam.
  • The number one key to passing the exam that the majority of engineers don’t realize.
  • Ways to leverage your reference material to be the most effective during the mechanical pe exam.
  • Specific differences between the state’s application processes that you may not have been aware of.
  • Important steps to take to ensure your application isn’t rejected
  • Insight into how the mechanical PE exam is graded and how you can use this to your advantage.
  • Walks you through the exam from start to finish
  • Where to get started and when to sign up.
  • How to get the most from your practice questions to make sure you are prepared.

Now, you might be wondering how much will this book cost? Most of the mechanical pe exam study guides out there are merely just books with practice problems-no strategies or other advice, and these books typically retail for around $70. But before I tell you the price of the book, here are a few bonuses I’ll be throwing in with it.


21 Unique practice problems covering the morning section and all three afternoon sections.

  • These questions will cover ALL 3 afternoon depth sections of the mechanical pe exam-most books will only cover one afternoon section.
  • Every problem will contain a step by step explanation of how it is solved along with the appropriate equations and the equation’s source.
  • Every problem is presented in the same format seen on the exam. You’ll get used to a “most nearly” type of answer for the questions.
  • You’ll gain more practice by working appropriate applicable questions
  • Some of the techniques explained in the study guide will be presented through the working of these problems


Quick Reference Guides

  • You’ll Get 5 quick reference guides covering Power Systems, Engineering Economics, Mathematical Prefixes, Pumping Power/Pressure Drop, and Conversion Tables.
  • These quick reference guides all contain cross reference information to the MERM, Machinery’s Handbook, and ASHRAE Fundamentals handbook helping you go back and forth quickly to your reference materials.
  • The information is laid out in an easy to follow format so you can quickly identify the information you need
  • Time is of the essense during the exam. These guides will help you answer the questions faster saving you precious minutes


Checklists for your application and Exam Day

  • Don’t get that aching feeling of “did I forget anything?”.
  • These forms will help you quickly check off each step you need to take to effectively apply for the exam
  • The day of the mechanical pe exam will be stressful enough, use the exam day checklist to ensure you have everything you need on exam day.

The value of these problems, quick reference guides and checklists when added together could easily come to $40 all by themselves. Remember when I pointed out that books for the PE exam typically cost $70 (this again is only for practice problems, no strategies or advice)? So would $70 be a good price for this book? Considering all the bonus material included with this study guide, perhaps. But I’m going to give you a better deal. How about $60? Or even $50? Well, I’m not going to charge either of those prices either.

The investment for this book will only run you $39.
This is for instant access to the mechanical pe exam study guide! No paying extra shipping costs and then having to wait for the book in the mail, you’ll be able to get started right now!

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But let me sweeten the deal a little bit more…


Free Lifetime Updates

  • If the study guide is ever updated with new material you’ll be able to download the new version absolutely FREE.
  • These updates never expire. Once you buy the book you’ll get all new versions absolutely free of charge-the minute they come out.
  • Suppose you want to register in a different state and need to know the requirements? I’ll bring you the most up to date information I can find.
  • What if I add some additional reference material you could use at your job?
  • All of this new information will come to you free of charge.



You can be confident with your purchase of this material. I back it up with a 60 day money back guarantee. If you don't find this material to be helpfull to you in any way, simply e-mail me and I'll give you a full refund. All I ask is that you give me one suggestion on what you would have liked to see in the material. If it wasn't satisfactory for you, I want to improve it for the next person. So rest assured that you have nothing to lose with this deal.

Once again, this is an instant download! Well, maybe not instant, the file is somewhat large.... You’ll be able to get started in your preparation TODAY!

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Don’t wait! Get started on your preparation for the mechanical PE exam so you can pass the first time!

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